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Studio Policies 


  • Students are required to attend their lessons on time. The teacher cannot guarantee the full lesson time if the student is late. However, in case of teacher’s tardiness, the student will be given the full lesson.

  • 2 excused absences will be allowed per semester (Sept-Dec, Jan-June).

  •  Excused absences are missed lessons notified by 24 hours ahead of the lesson. Any missed lesson without a call, voice mail, or email before 24 hours on the day of the lesson is unexcused and the student will be charged for the lesson. 

  •  If a lesson is excused, the student will receive a credit for the following month or a make-up lesson can be scheduled.

  • If the teacher cancels a lesson, a make-up or credit for the following month will be provided.

Student & Parent Responsibility​

  • Materials to be brought to each lesson:

    • All lesson books recommended by the teacher

    • A notebook for lesson notes

  • Practicing:

    • Depending on the age, students should be practicing 4-7 times per week

    • Consistent practicing is key to help improve musicianship and all skills that are learned in lessons. 

*Termination of lessons

Students may terminate lessons at any point but are required to give 30 days notice.

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